Westhoughton Post Office to reopen on Monday

Westhoughton Post Office
Westhoughton Post Office

Westhoughton’s refurbished post office is to reopen with a WH Smith local store next Monday.

The post office at 84 Market Street had been closed while renovations were carried out.

The new branch will also include a WH Smith local store, which is not the usual High Street store but rather a franchise of the company.

Westhoughton councillor David Wilkinson said: “It is great to see this investment in our town centre. I am sure the new post office and WH Smith will prove invaluable for residents.”


  1. The new Post Office with W H Smith is a step in the right direction for Westhoughton Town Centre. Hope to see more investments to bring Westhoughton up to date.

  2. Sorry dont see this as any improvement whatsoever, I cant see what WH Smith will provide that the local paper shop can other than maybe books. Westhoughton needs to reduce the number of charity shops and take aways and introduce some proper shops

  3. Could you please get rid of the traffic warden then we can use the shops that are still open on the high Street. Well done provenance for at least making an effort to get rid of the chav image. I.e. betting shops, take away, off licences etc…… The only shop that seem to be growing in numbers are charity shops!!!!

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