What the ‘eck is that new building on Bolton Road?

The new Eventura headquarters
The new Eventura headquarters

Ever wondered what that new building is on Bolton Road?

It is the new home of Eventura, an IT firm, which is having offices built on the site of the former Cross Guns pub.

The company provides technology solutions for businesses.

Westhoughton councillor David Wilkinson said: “It is great to see businesses growing here in Westhoughton because it creates jobs and makes the town a place not just to live, but to work.

“More needs to be done to encourage small businesses to set-up in Westhoughton. The council throws money at Bolton town centre but Westhoughton gets the short-straw when it comes to business start up grants. I will be campaigning to change that.”

Eventura has been posting updates to its website to show how progress is being made on completing the building.


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  1. Yes but no more supermarkets! Their proffits leave the community and we have enough. New or small to middle business encouragement would be far more beneficial to Westhoughton

  2. There are a small number of new positions initially but over half the existing staff are either Howfeners or Bolton based.

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