When will my bin by replaced by a slim bin?

David Wilkinson opposes the slim bins
David Wilkinson opposes the slim bins

Bolton Council is forcing every Westhoughton household to ditch their 240-litre bin for the deeply unpopular slim bin.

Hundreds of Westhoughton residents, who say they are already doing all they can to recycle, have complained that the new waste bins are too small at 140-litres.

The scheme, which is costing a massive £2million, is being rolled out across the borough from June, although most Westhoughton bins will be replaced in August.

Westhoughton councillor David Wilkinson said: “Many families are very concerned about this change being forced upon them. The council should suspend making the changes and carry out a proper consultation.”

You can check when your bin will be replaced by entering your postcode on this page of the Bolton Council website.

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