Wingates battery farm planned to meet electricity demands

Slack Lane battery farm plans
Slack Lane battery farm plans

Plans for electricity to be stored in a new “battery farm” in Westhoughton have been announced.

The site for the planned electricity storage facility is on land at the Ditcher’s Farm site, at the end of Slack Lane, in Wingates.

The application is to build a battery farm which will store electricity, which would then be released when there are gaps in the National Grid supply.

This is the second energy scheme to come to Westhoughton. The previous plan was for a gas power station at Chequerbent, which was refused.

We understand that another scheme will also soon be coming in soon in a bid to fill a gap in the energy supply network.

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  1. GAS .. ELECTRICITY.. these councilers must think everyone in westhoughton are backward it’s all pre planned before the mass building work starts for all these houses … We don’t need an increase in gas to the supply of homes already here there​ is no ! Problems with its supply…. We don’t need extra electricity to homes already here there is no problems with electricity drop we’ve only had power cuts dew to the local sub stations cable theft so it’s a scam to increase a supply to all this proposed new homes … Name me ( 1 ) of those councillors who actually live in westhoughton who’s supporting​ all this green belt destruction … Go on name me ( 1 )

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