Wingates, it’s time for a fresh voice for our area

On Thursday 23 February Wingates and Four Gates residents will have a vote to elect a new town councillor. It’s time for a fresh start. Let’s elect Bernadette Eckersley-Fallon, who until just recently was an ordinary resident like you but having become fed up with the way Labour treat Westhoughton, she decided she would do something about it.

Why we must stop Labour

  • The candidate openly supports the secret £300,000 grant to Asons solicitors
  • Labour worked with house builders on plans for 4,000 new houses in the area
  • Children’s centres, lollipop ladies and health care facilities scrapped or cut
  • Failed to invest in Westhoughton’s broken roads while spending millions in Bolton
  • Gave £2million to a rich developer – and cut community funding from same firm

Bernie’s pledges

  • Bernadette lives locally, shops locally and is proud to call Westhoughton her home
  • Bernadette was fed up of Labour’s threat of more houses and secret grants – and decided she wanted to do something about it!
  • She is campaigning for our fair share of spending on roads and footpaths
  • She opposes Labour’s mega industrial estate plans for Wingates – our roads just can’t cope
  • Bernadette wants an effective town council that is run by energetic residents, not out-of-touch politicians, to improve our town

Bernie is the only candidate who can stop Labour

The by-election on Thursday 23 February is an important one. A vote for Labour is a vote for house builders and law firms. It’s time we put Westhoughton residents first. The Liberal Democrats have won by just three votes previously so every vote will count.

Election results

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