Wingates logistics estate is unveiled

Proposed Wingates logistics site
Proposed Wingates logistics site

Plans for a huge logistics site on green fields in Wingates have now been submitted to Bolton Council for a decision.

Development company Harworth, which is a subsidiary of Peel, the company behind the 1,000 houses and golf course approved at Hulton Estate, plans to build on land between the existing industrial estate and Dicconson Lane.

Wingates town councillor Bernadette Eckersley-Fallon said: “We believe if this application is given approval then other applications will come in from developers for the rest of the green belt sites and farms in the Wingates, Four Gates and Dicconson Lane areas.”

The entrance would be from Whimberry Hill on the A6. The site goes along the A6 from the current industrial estate towards Four Gates and behind the ATS tyre centre.

The proposed site would be 33 hectares. There would be one very large warehouse, five others and three smaller units for industrial or logistics use. There is a possibility of a food outlet on the site.

Developers claim the site would create 1,500 jobs. They also say there will be “minimal” problems from the extra traffic but they will carry out some works including painting white lines at the junctions along the A6 at Dicconson Lane, Whimberry Hill, Church Street and Bolton Road.

The proposed units have been moved away from the original planned location near Chorley Road and they have been reduced in height to lessen the visual impact of the buildings.

If you have any views, either for or against, you can register your comments with Bolton Council either in writing or via the website. Use planning application number 04766/18 when make your views heard.

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