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Bernadette Eckersley-Fallon, Deirdre McGeown and David Wilkinson

It’s time to put Westhoughton first

We are a passionate group of local activists who are fighting for a fairer deal for Westhoughton and its residents.

Meet our team
My Westhoughton pledges

Our 6 to Fix

These are our priorities for Westhoughton

Fair funding

We want to see a fair share of funding for Westhoughton. We pay £20 million in council tax every year and it’s time we got more of that back. Council tax is being targeted at some areas purely for political advantage and this is not right.

Protect our greenbelt

We want to protect our last remaining green fields. Never again should the council approve inappropriate developments in the Greenbelt. It’s thanks to the Tories relaxing planning laws and Labour town hall bosses that Westhoughton is under siege from greedy house builders.

More money for our roads

We want to see more spending on Westhoughton, Chew Moor and Hunger Hill’s appalling roads. It’s not fair that millions have been spent on Bolton town centre while our roads have been left to crumble.

Cut the number of councillors

We think it is time we cut the number of Bolton councillors. The functions of the council have reduced, and there have been massive cuts in the number of council employees. There is a strong case for also reducing the number of Councillors – we think they could easily be reduced from 60 to 40 saving around £300,000 a year.

Bring back powers to Westhoughton

We want to see more powers brought back to Westhoughton Town Council. It’s time we devolved more powers back to our town, away from Bolton. We have some fantastic local residents standing as Liberal Democrat candidates for the 2019 town council elections.

Cut the perks for councillors

We want to see perks for councillors cut. 26 out of the 29 Labour Councillors allocate themselves special allowances costing the Council Tax payer over £185,000 a year. These are used to secure loyalty to Labour Group priorities, even when they harm the area the Councillor represents. The number and cost of allowances should be cut.

How we work

Supporting residents all the year round

Our team campaign all the year round – and not just at election time! We keep residents up to date with our activities through social media and our ‘My Westhoughton’ newsletters.

Bernadette meets residents
Deirdre and Bernadette at the town hall
Bernadette Eckersley-Fallon hands Chew Moor speeding petition to David Wilkinson
2019 Local Elections

Don’t forget to vote on Thursday 2 May

We have an excellent Liberal Democrat team who are campaigning to put Westhoughton first but they need your support on Thursday 2 May.